V anglickom jazyku by sme s deťmi mali začať komunikovať v čo najskoršom veku. Výborným prostriedkom sú anglické básničky. Deti sa ich rýchlo naučia a učenie formou básne je zábavou.

Najobľúbenejšie básničky v anglickom jazyku

Fishy Fishy

Fishy, fishy in the brook,
Won’t you bite my little hook?

Fishy, fishy in the brook,
Daddy’ll catch him on a hook!

Mommy’ll fry him in a pan,
Johnny’ll eat him like a man.

Go to bed

Go to bed first,
A golden purse;

Go to bed second,
A golden pheasant;

Go to bed third,
A golden bird.


Spring is green,
summer is bright,
automn is yellow,
winter is white.


Four little butterflies
one day flew up really high.
All of them got quickly scared,
so they had to fly right back.


Who has the most legs?
Caterpillar has!
Hundred shoes she needs,
to take her where she´d please.


Bubble-gum, bubble-gum on the dish,
how many piecies do you wish?

One Little Baby

One little BABY
With a little CAT
Two little BABIES
Wearing little HATS

Three little BABIES
Watching little FROGS
Four little BABIES
Chasing little DOGS

Five little BABIES
Running away
Looking for MOMMY
To come along and PLAY!

Two little blackbirds

Two little blackbirds
sittin on a wall.
One named Peter,
the other named Paul.
Fly away, Peter!
Fly away, Paul!
Come back, Peter!
Come back, Paul!

Baby animals

Red, white, blue.
Who are you?
Yellow, black, green.
I´m a duckling.

Purple, black, white.
Who do you like?
Pink and brown.
I like my mum.

Molly´s rhyme

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
Hop-away, skip-away
I want to play every day.